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NewsPosted by Diana Osborn Mon, August 18, 2014 19:23
Halsecombe has moved into the 21st century and we now have free WiFi available for our guests. Don't worry, we are still keeping its very special old-world atmosphere even if we do have the modern technology.

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NewsPosted by Diana Osborn Sun, May 04, 2014 19:41
Just back from a wonderful day at the cottage and for once had time to spend in the garden. I planted out some cosmos and did some much overdue weeding and pruning. We sat out to have lunch and the sun was positively hot. Whilst we were working, eight young hinds were lazing around lying along the path in the orchard opposite us, taking life very easy. Already the hollyhocks are up and the honeysuckle is doing very well. The primroses have gone over now but some bluebells are out and the apple blossom is looking wonderful. I have never seen so much lilac blossom there and the smell was just wonderful as I wended my way up the back to the arbour for a few minutes with a cup of tea (too early for a G&T.)

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NewsPosted by Diana Osborn Thu, March 06, 2014 14:28
Well, Spring does seem to have arrived at last. There is a definite softness in the air and first primroses are peeping out.
Halsecombe has emerged unscathed from all the bad weather, apart from one of the birdtables and as our visitors really appreciate being able to sit up in bed or in the living room watching the birds close up, John has built two new and larger ones.

Despite what the TV would have you believe, the whole of Somerset is not entirely under water and in fact Porlock was luckily hardly effected by the downpours. The cottage is perched on the side of the hill so is unlikely every to flood.

Last year we put a new bower in the top garden so that our visitors could enjoy an early morning tea or coffee there or an early evening drink. This year we are levelling a piece of ground on which to put a table and chairs so that, weather permitting, visitors can have a meal out there whilst enjoying the lovely view.

Now that Spring has arrived, work should start very soon.

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